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Mount Pleasant Estates:  http://www.mountpleasant.com/event-calendar/

Augusta Winery & Wine and Beer Garden http://www.augustawinery.com/

Holy Grail Winery http://holygrailwinery.com/

Montelle Winery & Klondike Café http://www.montelle.com/catalog/dinners

Our Sunset Dinners provide the feel of a gourmet restaurant with crisp linens, china, and waiter service. Just show up, relax, and enjoy the sunset while your dinner is served!
Dinner is served at 7pm

Dinner includes a monthly chef's choice dessert!
(tax and 18% gratuity are added at checkout)

Reserve your dinner online or call 888-595-WINE (x22)
Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance
Cancelations must be made 48 hours in advance for a refund.

Blumenhof Vineyards and Winery  http://www.blumenhof.com/

Noboleis Vineyards  http://www.noboleisvineyards.com/events

Chandler Hill Vineyards  http://www.chandlerhillvineyards.com/music-a-events/event-calendar/flat

Wine Country Gardens  http://winecountrygardens.net/Sunday_Afternoon_Music.html

Sugar Creek Winery http://www.sugarcreekwines.com/events.html

Yellow Farm House Winery http://www.yellowfarmhousewines.com/events/events-calendar/